Sunpure Unveils “Venus” the Cutting-Edge Railed PV Cleaning Robot, Making its Debut at SNEC

Sunpure was proud to launch their 3rd generation PV railed cleaning robot “Venus” at SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, China.

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SUNPURE & Sprng (WOS of SHELL) Contract of Robotic Cleaning Solution for Sprng's 698 MW Solar PV Plants Marks SUNPURE's Entry into Indian Market

SUNPURE Technology Co. Ltd. (Sunpure) signed the contracts for the supply of Sunpure’s water-free robotic cleaning systems for Sprng Energy projects.

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She Power in Sunpure #Women in Tech

Sunpure believes that She Power is an ESSENTIAL part of the technology industry and that women's participation and perspectives bring more possibilities and benefits to technology, thus making breakthroughs in technology development!

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Sunpure was selected as "Top 10 PV Power Plant O&M Brands of 2022 "

Thanks to the CPIF 7th and 2022 China Good PV Brand Ceremony for selecting Sunpure as one of the "Top 10 PV Power Plant O&M Brands of 2022 " .

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