Technology And Products
Intelligent obstacle crossing

The all-wheel drive system, with flexible adjustment, superb obstacle crossing and climbing ability, is ideal for complex operation terrain

Intelligent decision making

Decision making through data integration from multiple platforms

Location identification

Visual interface through multiple terminals accurately identifies the status of robots, ensures easy operation and maintenance

Friendly cleaning

Waterless cleaning, and harmless to solar modules, lightweight design, no damage to modules after 20000 cleaning cycles

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Automatic row to row shifting

Cross-row cleaning, improve the utilization rate and system cost saving

Remote control

Supporting cloud WEB/APP remote management, intelligent decision planning

Wireless communication

Equipped with dual wireless communication module to connect with robot data, stable cooperation ensured

Independent self-power supply

24V high performance self-powered system, no need to take power from the power plant

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Dry and wet cleaning

Dry or wet cleaning can be selected according to project needs, removing all types of dusts

Convenient handling

Lightweight design with auxiliary handing wheel, convenient for manual handling, and free from site constraints

Intelligent obstacle crossing

Superb obstacle crossing and climbing ability, ideal for complex operation terrain

Quick battery exchange

Fast removal of the battery, fast battery charging during the cleaning process

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Fully automatic cleaning

Fully automatic cleaning tasks, no participation in the whole process

Flexible deployment

High precision positioning technology, optimal path planning to ensure full coverage of the site

Convenient location sharing

Lightweight design, convenient moving, easy to be shared by multiple sites

Exquisite technology

Designed for distributed generated (DG) plants, quickly deployed with high scenario adaptability

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Our Technology
Technical research and development strength guarantee
Rapid iteration of product technology
Strict quality control system
Innovative service system
Continuous investment in research and development
Cooperation with top research institutes at home and abroad
Multi-application scenario empirical test to meet different applications
A number of patented technologies and industry standards
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Intelligent cleaning product line complete
16 professional tests to ensure product stability and reliability
Intelligent cloud platform to achieve big data management
Integrating edge computing and the latest technologies of the Internet of Things
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Whole process project management ability
Mass production and manufacturing assurance
All parts are traceable
Multiple quality control processes
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Local technical service team in key markets
Domestic 24-hour response service commitment
Overseas 48 hours service corresponding commitment
Share Sungrow global service network
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First Eco-chain Company of Sungrow
R&D and technical personnel
Countries in which we have projects
Company Information To be the Leading Robotics Company in Renewable Energy Industry

SUNPURE is a high-tech innovative company specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of renewable energy intelligent robots. The product line covers PV railed, trackless cleaning robots and intelligent shuttles, among others. Sunpure is committed to solving the installation, cleaning, operation and maintenance challenges of PV power plants, improving power generation efficiency, and reducing levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

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News Center
Corporate News Media Reports Robotic Class
We are hiring!

SUNPURE is looking for talented professionals, join us and be a part of this innovative and dynamic team!

The Increasing Significance of ARCS in Solar Plant Systems Garners Attention in the ME Region

Dr. David Zhang, CTO of SUNPURE, participated the panel discussion titled "Opportunities & Challenges – Developing Solar PV in KSA & MENA"at Saudi Arabia Green Energy Week 2024. He shed light on the significance of Automated Robotic Cleaning Systems (ARCS).

SUNPURE signs strategic Robotic Cleaning Solution contract for 473 MWp Tracker based Project with Jakson Green Private Limited

SUNPURE signed the contract for the supply of Sunpure’s water-free robotic cleaning systems for 473 MWp Jakson Green for Phase 1 and Phase 2 in Kawani, Rajasthan.

Sunpure, an intelligent photovoltaic robotic solutions firm, has successfully secured Series A funding

Sunpure Technology Co., Ltd. (Sunpure) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Series A financing round on January 24th. The round, which exceeded a hundred million yuan, was led by Hengxu Capital, with participation from Yuantai Investment Partners Fund, Guoyuan Fund, and existing shareholder GL Ventures.

Mondelez PV cleaning project in Bahrain has been successfully commissioned

The Sunpure India Team has successfully finalized a deal with CleanMax to supply 10 fully-automated dry cleaning robots to Mondelez in Bahrain recently.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

We extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supports our journey.

SUNPURE secured a strategic contract with JUNIPER GREEN ENERGY India for a 107 MW solar project in Maharashtra

SUNPURE secured a strategic contract with Juniper Green Energy, India, for the supply of Sunpure's water-free robotic cleaning systems for 107 MW in Maharashtra, India.

Sunpure Receives Prestigious Awards for Breakthrough PV Plant Project

We're delighted to announce that Sunpure has been recognized in the 'Influential Featured PV Application Project Cases' and has secured the 'Influential Brand of PV Plant O&M' award for the second time at the 12th 'Polaris Cup PV Influential Brand Award Ceremony.

SUNPURE signs strategic Robotic Cleaning Solution contract for 300 MW Tracker based Project with AMP Energy India

SUNPURE signed the contract for the supply of Sunpure’s water-free robotic cleaning systems for 300 MW AMP Energy India.

SUNPURE signs Robotic Cleaning Solution contract with CLEANMAX for 21.8 MWp PV plants

Sunpure signed the contract for the supply of Sunpure' s water-free robotic cleaning systems for CleanMax .

Sunpure Secures Spot in“Future Stars: Top 100 Emerging Companies list”

Sunpure has proudly earned its place on the “Future Stars: Top 100 Emerging Companies list”, unveiled by China Entrepreneur Magazine recently. Amidst fierce competition from thousands of enterprises, Sunpure stood out for its rapid growth and immense potential in shaping the future of intelligent energy cleaning.

SUNPURE & Sprng (WOS of SHELL) Contract of Robotic Cleaning Solution for Sprng's 698 MW Solar PV Plants Marks SUNPURE's Entry into Indian Market

SUNPURE Technology Co. Ltd. (Sunpure) signed the contracts for the supply of Sunpure’s water-free robotic cleaning systems for Sprng Energy projects.

She Power in Sunpure #Women in Tech

Sunpure believes that She Power is an ESSENTIAL part of the technology industry and that women's participation and perspectives bring more possibilities and benefits to technology, thus making breakthroughs in technology development!

Sunpure was selected as "Top 10 PV Power Plant O&M Brands of 2022 "

Thanks to the CPIF 7th and 2022 China Good PV Brand Ceremony for selecting Sunpure as one of the "Top 10 PV Power Plant O&M Brands of 2022 " .

Sunpure won the award of "Best Design Team of the Year – Robotic Cleaning Solution"

Thanks to Solar Quarter for awarding Sunpure as the “Best Design Team of the Year – Robotic Cleaning Solutions" at the“ World Future Energy Summit & Exhibition(WFES), held in Abu Dhabi on 16th January.

Sunpure won the award of "Most Influential PV Operation and Maintenance Enterprise"

The 10th Solarbe Solar Industry Summit & Awards Ceremony was held in Suzhou, China last night. With the strong innovation, excellent quality and service, and outstanding brand influence, Sunpure won the Solarbe award of "Most Influential PV O&M Enterprise”.

SUNPURE was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition Certification

Recently, SUNPURE was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition Certification, successfully entering the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.

Splendor! Sunpure Stuns at Renewable Energy India Expo

On September 28th, 2022, Sunpure presented the PV cleaning robot PR200 with the full-scene application at Renewable Energy India(REI) , which received wide attention from the public.

SUNPURE won the "2022 Annual Influential PV Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Brand"

On September 23, the 11th “North Star Cup” 2022 Annual PV Influential Brand Award Ceremony was held in Nanjing. SUNPURE was honored as the "2022 Annual Influential PV Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Brand" with its good reputation accumulated in the intelligent cleaning industry for several years and the unique value of PV power plant maintenance.

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Red Sea project: Sunpure is featured in Chinese state television- CCTV

Sunpure is featured in Chinese state television- #cctv 's "International News" on the Red Sea project in Saudi Arabia during President Xi’s four-day Middle East trip. We are thrilled to be part of the Saudi Red Sea project and would like to thank #ACWA Power and #SEPCO & Hongli for giving us this opportunity.

Congradulations! Sunpure successfully completed the Pre-A round of financing

Sunpure becomes the only PV module cleaning company to be mentioned in the #PVTech 2022 PV Financing List! As of August 2022, Sunpure successfully completed the Pre-A round of financing led by Hillhouse Venture Capital.

Cleaning Robot Firm SunPure Technology Secures Pre-A Round Funds

SunPure Technology, a China-based developer of cleaning robots, announced on August 9 its completion of a pre-A round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan. The round was led by GL Ventures and followed by Kexun Lianshan Entrepreneur Fund.

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