SUNPURE signs up for CEME1, the largest photovoltaic power plant in Chile

Publish date:2022.05.17


We are thrilled to announce that Sunpure signed a new agreement with Power China Huadong Engineering Corporation, will provide 374 cleaning robots and supporting equipment for the CEME1 480MW PV project in Chile.

The project is located in the Atacama Desert, which is one of the driest regions in the world and is known as the "dry pole" of the world. In order to cope with the sand accumulation of components caused by the harsh environment such as sandstorm, Sunpure has deployed a fully automatic intelligent cleaning robot system for the power station, which can realize waterless cleaning and maximize the income of the power station.

This project adopts 4P fixed tilt ground mounting. In order to adapt to the width of the string, the length of the cleaning robot is nearly 9.2 meters. At the same time, the longest cleaning distance of a single robot can reach 2.2KM, which can maximize the utilization efficiency of equipment. Sunpure intelligent cleaning system can realize the cleaning frequency of once a day, and the design scheme further reduces the initial investment cost and improves the annual investment return.



The signing of the CEME 1 project in Chile marks that Sunpure has officially entered the Latin American markets, and has become another milestone in the company's global market development.