SUNPURE completed Pre-A round of financing led by GL ventures

Publish date:2022.08.09


Recently, SUNPURE announced the completion of a Pre-A round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan. The round was led by GL Ventures and followed by Kexun Lianshan Entrepreneur Fund. The financing will mainly be used for product R&D and market expansion.

Under the guidance of the double carbon target, the global installed capacity of PV modules increases fast with the development of the low-carbon wave, and the application scenarios of PV power plants are more diversified and scaled up. In several high-irradiation regions around the world, there are frequent sandstorms and dust rampant at the same time. Dust not only reduces the intensity of irradiation, but also produces temperature and hot spot effects, which affect the life of the modules and bring safety risks to the power plant. Therefore, PV module cleaning has become one of the most important elements of PV plant operation and maintenance.



SUNPURE has always focused on the PV module cleaning problem since its establishment. Relying on a perfect independent R & D innovation system, it has developed a full-scene application of a PV cleaning robot, which is widely used in a variety of PV power plant scenarios such as desert, mountain, water, agricultural light, and roof.


The company’s product line covers dry-hanging, crawler-type, and robot shuttle, which can be used in both centralized ground power plants and distributed rooftop power plants. In China, the Middle East, South America, and other countries and regions, many large-scale PV power plant investors have chosen SUNPURE Technology’s cleaning system, which has made the annual power generation reach 14%. With a deep understanding of the PV market and a focus on the field of cleaning technology, SUNPURE has applied many technologies in the field of robotics to solve the problems of PV power plant cleaning, bringing unique value to customers. SUNPURE is committed to becoming a leader in cleaning technology and will provide customers with more reliable, intelligent, and economical cleaning solutions and products covering the whole scenario applications of the PV power plant through more technological innovation.


The project leader of Hillhouse Capital said, "Under the circumstance of carbon neutrality, the global PV installed inventory market is vast and the incremental expectations are clear. The industry downstream customers' awareness of PV cleaning robots is rapidly increasing and demand is exploding. With top technology, deep experience in the new energy industry and outstanding global operation capability, SUNPURE is a pioneer and leader in the PV cleaning robot industry. We firmly believe in the development trend of PV cleaning robots and expect SUNPURE to create real value for the industry, and customers in the long term with continuous technological breakthroughs and product innovation."