Sunpure was selected as "Top 10 PV Power Plant O&M Brands of 2022 "

Publish date:2023.02.24


Thanks to the CPIF 7th and 2022 China Good PV Brand Ceremony for selecting Sunpure as one of the "Top 10 PV Power Plant O&M Brands of 2022 " .



The award was officially launched by in 2016, aiming to encourage the technological innovation and brand building of PV O&M enterprises, which has now become one of the most influential awards in the industry. Sunpure has been awarded this honor for the 2nd time.

What a gratifying achievement! We have collected more than 20 awards domestically and internationally in 3 years since our establishment. We will continue to promote technological innovation and service upgrades to provide customers with more economically intelligent PV cleaning solutions.