SUNPURE regional all-hands meeting in Dubai

Publish date:2024.02.25


SUNPURE recently hosted its three-day regional all-hands meeting in Dubai, bringing together team members from various countries.


During the first two days, we actively exchanged ideas and shared experiences through annual work presentations, thematic training and group discussions. The scene was full of laughter and deep reflection. Day 3 moves to the picturesque Kite Beach, where an exciting team Frisbee competition took place.

At Sunpure, we're dedicated to cultivating a united, collaborative, and dynamic work environment where everyone's growth is valued. Through this reunion, we've not only deepened our connections but also reaffirmed our shared purpose — to collaborate towards a brighter future!


The Increasing Significance of ARCS in Solar Plant Systems Garners Attention in the ME Region

03-06 .2022

Dr. David Zhang, CTO of SUNPURE, participated the panel discussion titled "Opportunities & Challenges – Developing Solar PV in KSA & MENA"at Saudi Arabia Green Energy Week 2024. He shed light on the significance of Automated Robotic Cleaning Systems (ARCS).